Stone Chip Car Repairs

Stone chip damage to your car? no problem this is easily repaired by the Smart Repair Centre, stone chips can take the look off your car and decrease the value however this can be repaired through our specialised  repair techniques.

Stone Chips are a common repair we come across and easily fixed by our trained staff, this seems like a small issue however if not treated the chipped area can expand and may lead to rust damage.

We also have mobile smart repair units which can come to your workplace assess the damage and normally repair on the spot, sound good? call the smart repair team or fill in contact form below and Brian or Kevin will be happy to ring you back and give  quote.

Get in touch with the team by filling in contact form or call or email Brian(087-6037815) or Kevin(087-9061373)  who will be happy to get back to you at your convenience.

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